December 24, 2011
Merry Chirsmas by Jrgen Stensrud
We are in our fourth year of Frame right now. I have to say that this year has been ups and downs in terms of our effort towards Frame. We are all very busy at work and posting new exciting images every day has at times been a challenge. We are not ready to quit, but we have been talking about changing the format a bit. The plan is to post images when we have good ones, not just posting all kinds of s**t. What do you think?

So this image is a tribute to my performance this year. Below what it should have been. My goal for next year is to take a lots more images. Time to kick it up a notch ;)

Welcome Merry Christmas . Good post .
Jrgen S sa:
Thank you so much for responding. Looks like we have to reconsider our idea. Like button is on the way. Inge is hard at work on a new version of Frame. We will have to discuss among the 3 of us about not posting every day. And your other ideas is noted. Thank you for sticking with us :)
Maria sa:
One suggestion, though...I look every day, but I don't always comment. It would be nice to have something like a "like" button that could say: "I was here; I enjoyed it; thank you!"
Maria sa:
I would miss having a new picture each day. I agree with Jasper above, that what might not be your best work is my favorite in a while. Sometimes just being able to see the Norwegian landscape, faces and places is truly a gift to those of us who miss Scandinavia, and who live in completely different surroundings. But I have to say, a caption with the photo is, for me, a must! Brings so much more to the photo. Doesn't have to be a big explanation or anything.... Love your site and have for a long time!! The art all 3 of you bring is a blessing. God Jul!!!
Jasper sa:
personally i think that you have to post a new photo every day. even if you're not able to reach your standards all the time. maybe you don't like the picture that much, but maybe i will?

one day you make a better picture and the other day it's not that good but that is like life.

merry christmas!
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