February 08, 2012
I will be featuring some of my images shot with my iphone over the next couple of weeks. Just to show that you can take some interesting shots with your phone. Most of this shots is done with the Hipstamatic app.


Looking excellent to see this here guy . Like it .
Maria sa:
Then we can say we have a mutual admiration society for our cities... :-) I've been to Oslo twice and loved it as well! (Loved Bergen and Stavanger as well.) One of my good Swedish friends lived in Oslo for four years working for Vattenfall. That man could not say enough good things about Oslo!! Made me want to go back and experience some of the things he did!!
Jrgen s sa:
Wow, that's cool. Thank's for the tip.
Btw, I keep forgetting that you live in SF. The only city in the us I've been to. Even twice. I love it there :)
Maria sa:
Hi Guys, There's a local morning radio personality in SF who directed a movie that was completely shot with an iPhone. They have a lot of behind the scenes stuff on their website explaining what they needed to be able to use the iPhone for a full-length feature film. This shot made me think you all might be interested to see it: www.olivethemovie.com Hope you enjoy it!
Jrgen sa:
Ja jeg var veldig tidlig p'n
Erik S sa:
Veldig stilig Jrgen, men ogs et veldig tidlig mobilbilde. Jeg var ikke engang klar over at mobilene hadde kamera i desember 1980. Men en techguy som deg hadde vel det:-)
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